Industrial Manufacturer’s Agents


USA manufacturer worldwide renown for their conditioning and filtration systems for hydrocarbons (mainly oils and diesel fuels).

Really specialized products for the removal of solids, water and varnish from any systems of hydraulic or lube oils, and diesel fuels reservoirs.

Complete and custom skid mount systems and filter vessels with many types of elements for particulates removal and coalescers for water separation of various sizes. Equipments designed for quick return on investment in the heavy industry as, paper mills, mines, aluminium mills, steel mills, aviation industry, cement factories, any transformation plants and for many types of OEM plus industrial mechanical contractors.

Sale or rental of standard or custom made equipments, for high level of fluid cleanliness with maintenance efficiency.

Kaydon filtration
Kaydon 1

High efficiency water and particulate removal patented by "Kaydon filter" for diesel fuels filtration in 3 stages.

Kaydon 2

Kaydon sump separator system for water removal from hydrocarbons in refineries. Entirely automated and explosion proof.

Kaydon 3

Kaydon bulk fuel filtration system for marine tanker boats. These systems are designed with one large particulate removal prefilter housing and two coalescer-separator filters for efficient and continuous one pass water removal.