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LEEM Filtration Products Inc.

Manufacturer of wedge wire screens as a component or spare part or as a mechanically welded assembly or sub-assembly.

Specialized products for sand/media filters, demineralisers vessels and any other systems requiring screenings or filtration.

Custom made screens fabricated with different wire profiles and contruction materials like : all stainless steels, and many choices of alloys.

  • Diffusion and chanelling screens with npt thread.
  • Screens for collectors and distributors for filter’s internals with granular medias.
  • Screens nozzles and traps for media/resin retention or water inlet diffusion.
  • Flat screens and gratings.
  • All type and style of baskets for adapting and upgrading existing strainers in perforated metal or mesh.

Flexible and versatile plant for fabrication of small end users quantities or large OEMs orders. Reliable plant with high expertise team designing and shipping only high quality screens to the industry since 1978 and part of the big holding called “Noth American Filtration”.

See the PDF:  Leem-EN.pdf


     strainer wedge wire     SifterBasket-Wedge-wire-LEEM
     Strainer en Wedgw wire                                                                                                                      Strainer en Wedgw wire
 Header-Lats Wedge Wire       Wedge Wire