Industrial Manufacturer’s Agents


USA manufacturer of filters and filtration systems for any gaseous state fluids being used in processes and critical industrial applications.

Owner of the registrated Sparks™ trade mark.

Products specialized in the protection of blowers, vaccum pumps, compressors and air dryers.

Particulate Filter elements and coalescing elements, designed and patented with filtration media having high efficiency and built to last while getting high dirt holding capacities and best liquids or droplets removal from different gas of the industry.

Housings with or without ASME/CRN certifications. Standard in catalog fabrications or custom to your needs with inlet/outlet connections from ¾ inch to 20 inch in size.

Wide and really complete range of products with versatility for all operating pressure ranges ( from full vacuum to 3000 pisg) needed in the industry, either for end users or OEMS.

Shawndra Products Inc.
Shawndra 1

Two-stage multi-panels air intake filtration assembly for a large blower. Designed for harsh and outside environment.

Shawndra 3

Natural gas plant supply inline filtration system. Water and particulates removal.

Shawndra 2

Coalescer filtration vessel custom made to handle 2 parallel inlets from different compressors.